The aim of Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2007 aims at:-

  1. Securing the safety, health, and welfare of persons at work.
  2. Protecting persons other than persons at work against risks to safety and health arising out of or in connection with the activities of persons at work

1. Minimize Risk

All business have their unique hazards. It may feel like office space is safer than a construction site. However, the truth is that every business has its unique hazards. There are threats like slips, falls, and unsecured equipment which pose a great risk to workplace safety. It is crucial to remember that no workplace is 100% safe. Hence an organization cannot avoid compliance. Notably, safety and health training should be an ongoing process that helps employees identify and reduce the risks associated with their workplace.

2. Increase Efficiency

Unfortunately, due to our business schedules, many consider OSH training to be a time-consuming process. However, people forget that the safety and health of employees promote the well-being of a firm. Employee wellness has a positive influence on boosting the productivity and efficiency of a firm. A safe workplace ensures that employees can go about their work without having to worry about unsafe working conditions enhancing efficiency.

3. Abide by Laws

Every organization is required by the government to comply with OSH Act, 2007. It is not optional but mandatory as those organizations that ignore are either fined or face a jail term sentence. Hence, you need DOSH-approved organizations like Medswift to conduct the training.

OSH is a key piece of legislation that requires employees and employers to take practical steps to ensure safety and health procedures in their workplace. In addition, breaking safety and health law can have consequences for a firm. In case of injury due to negligence, the firm will be fully answerable.

4. Promote a safe company culture

OSH training enables employees to feel safe and valued and are less likely to leave. Employees who are satisfied tend to be more productive. A good health and safety strategy can serve as a good indicator of an organization’s commitment to social responsibility. Also, it promotes focus which results in the overall productivity of the firm.

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