• Does the factory conform to national regulations on noise?
  • Are noisy parts of machines enclosed?
  • Are machines serviced and maintained regularly?
  • Is there a policy to replace older, noisy machines with quieter
  • Are machines correctly mounted to avoid vibration and reduce
    noise levels?
  • Are surveys carried out to assess noise levels?
  • Are sound‐absorbing materials used on ceilings, walls, and floors?
  • Are adequate barriers used to prevent noise from spreading around the
  • Are people working in quieter sections of the factory protected
    from noise sources?
  • Are workers in noisy areas rotated so that their noise exposure is
    reduced in duration?
  • Are workers provided with the best form of hearing protection?
  • Are the ear muffs/plugs regularly cleaned, maintained, or replaced
    as necessary?
  • Have workers been given training in the correct use of ear muffs
    or earplugs?

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